As part of a larger redevelopment effort to revitalize the vacant site of the former Woodville Mall, the new Community Center will anchor the south end and literal “center” of the development. The Community Center will support the needs of the surrounding residents of “the Enclave” neighborhood and greater Northwood community by providing a place for gathering, group activities, social support, physical wellness, and education.

Inside, the new Community Center will feature fitness and cardio areas along with a gymnasium, meeting spaces, kitchen, cafe, and various lounge and work spaces. Positioned to anchor the south end of the Enclave development, outdoor amenities and landscaping foster a lifestyle that promotes exercise and social activities – connecting residents, young and elderly alike, along every step of their journey.

The project includes an initial master planning study to determine the facility’s program, size, space requirements and conceptual design with phasing. The facility is being designed to accommodate future expansion and promote adjacent public and private development.