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MA Design encompasses all of your design needs - in house and all-inclusive. This means no middle-people, and faster results with excellent communication from the first idea to final completion.

Working with MA means greater outcomes for you by being able to work from ideation to realization with one dedicated, diverse, and driven firm, designed to create a positive impact.

Our Services


With just under 100 dedicated and award winning design professionals and licensed architects, and more than 40 years of business, the possibilities to create space for change as partners with our team are endless.

Interior Design

Our human-centered approach to interior design is rooted in the vision, values, and goals of our clients. We are committed to tell their stories and create impactful experiences within the built environment. We create more meaningful spaces to live, work, play, learn, heal, and grow.

Experiential Design

Experiential design is the tool that makes experiences meaningful. It’s the key to elevating a space - from graphics on a wall to wayfinding signs that tell them just where to go without ever having stepped foot in the space before - and so much more.


Futurism uses research to create personalized, data-driven forecasts to help our clients address their uncertainties, understand how they can be more innovative and differentiated from their competitors, and prepare now for what is to come next.


A videography, photography and digital brand strategy team that exists to create unforgettable storytelling that will connect you with the people you want, the things you have envisioned, and the next level of success waiting for you after.


Designing buildings and communities to be healthy, equitable, and resilient. We have the design solutions and strategies for our clients to save money through sustainable investments, able to certify projects in five different accreditations and impact the health of people and projects.

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We are enriching lives through innovative design.

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