Sustainability Services
By designing our buildings and our communities to be healthy, equitable, and resilient, we work towards a world that is both sustainable and regenerative.


We are dedicated to educating and advocating for the many design possibilities by making the business case for sustainable design, administering green building certifications as goals align, and communicating the impact of buildings on people and the planet.

As architects and designers of the built environment, it’s our responsibility to reduce the impacts that our buildings have on the environment and to position ourselves as creators of positive change in our communities.

Administration For Green Building Certification

Guiding our clients to achieve any level of sustainable design you desire including third-party certifications such as, LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge to name a few.

Sustainability Consulting

Customizing sustainable design frameworks to fit the goals of the project and guide our clients on the best investments for their money.

Health + Wellness Design

We design for occupant health and well-being by incorporating daylighting analysis, good lighting design, and biophilic design. We work to enhance indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and acoustic quality for a built environment that increases comfort, performance, and sleep.

High-Performance Design

Engaging in integrative design charrettes enables us to efficiently optimize passive heating and cooling strategies, lighting systems, and improved building envelopes. This process through Building Information Modeling (BIM) enables parametric thinking and collaboration amongst team members.

Material Research + Analysis

Material selection and specifications are critical to creating a healthy indoor environment for occupants. The materials chosen also influence carbon emissions and contribute to a building’s embodied carbon footprint due to their location, extraction methods, and transportation from cradle to grave.


It’s not enough to help create healthier and more sustainable communities; it’s critical to serve as leaders through our own practices, both within our offices and at home. We’ve built a sustainably-minded culture that’s innovative, forward-thinking, and solution-oriented.

We keep sustainability at the forefront of what we do through education of staff and clients, early engagement of sustainable design charrettes, and community outreach.

Regenerative design goes beyond “green design” as we know it, and enters into the realm of literally regenerating the environment, ecosystems, economy, and communities around us. It means giving back more than you take.

Jessica Glorius-Dangelo Sustainability Manager, Project Manager
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