Cameron Guthrie

Project Captain, Sustainability Specialist
Associate AIA, NOMA

​Cameron is bringing the next generation into the world of architecture, as a strong leader and design integrity advocate. Sustainability-focused and result-driven, he welcomes respect from his peers of all ages. Grounded, and growing, ​Cameron is future-focused, considering the impact of a project and the responsibility of a design not just now, but as it relates to what’s next. ​From Construction Administration to nationally recognized sustainability efforts, Cameron is progressive and cares about the lives of those who interact with the final space. Outside of the work that he does with MA Design, Cameron is also on the Young Professional’s Board for Habitat for Humanity and has developed an app, 3 Tree, currently in development, to share users’ sustainability actions through everyday habits.

  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Ohio State University
Registrations & Certifications
  • Associate AIA
  • Habitat for Humanity Young Professional’s Board
  • Member of NOMA
Did you know?

In the colder months, Cameron enjoys more reflections and introspection through journaling and meditation; in the warmer months, he likes to be more active and physical with running, exercising and yoga.