Experiential Design Services
Experiential design is the key to differentiating a space from any other competitor, and creating its own identity that makes it stand apart in the most successful way possible.


We create human experiences in the built environment that communicate your story in meaningful ways that connect, engage, and inspire. We immerse ourselves in discovering your goals and what sets your people, culture, and brand apart. We uncover details that ignite design opportunities, focused through the lens of human behaviors, to curate meaningful experiences that deliver results and lasting impressions.

Every day our XD experts work alongside our in-house architects, interior designers, and foresight teams. This collaboration provides invaluable insight into ways people holistically experience a space – ranging from behavioral psychology to code compliance and everything between.

Architectural Brand Standards

Together we’ve worked hard to design an environment that embodies your organization, so once it’s complete, defining architectural standards serves as a guide to preserve your design aesthetic through future change and growth.

Permanent + Temporary Experiential Design

Designing printed graphics and tactile installations that seamlessly integrate into an environment to communicate a sense of place through organizing information, amplifying a brand, or defining a culture.

Interior + Exterior Signage

Creating well-designed visual representation of information that communicates more than just relevant information, but subliminal messages about the brand or space it represents.

Print Design

Printed visual communication can speak to the masses or to a targeted audience; however, its design and content need to be intentional and accurate due to the more permanent nature of printing.

Wayfinding Systems

Designing wayfinding is more than signage. It’s a strategic and intentional method of displaying information to assist occupants of all ages and backgrounds in finding their way through an environment.


Experiential design is the tool that makes experiences meaningful. It’s the graphics on a wall that tell the story of a company, without a word needing to be spoken.

It’s the installation in the lobby that leaves people with a positive impression of a brand and a memory made.

It’s making people feel familiar in a space they’ve never stepped foot in before through clear wayfinding signs that tell them just where to go, leaving them feeling more comfortable and connected. 

We create human experiences in the built environment that communicate your story in meaningful ways that connect, engage, and inspire.

Alicia Orlando Director, XD
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