Interior Design Services
Our human-centered approach to Interior Design is rooted in the vision, values, and goals of our clients.


Our award-winning, nationally recognized Interior Design team uses their collective expertise to shape spaces driven by evidence-based design principles that work and are collaboratively created with our clients.

Our designers become our client’s design advocate by listening, continually learning, and creating innovative solutions that lead to better experiences.

Architectural Brand Standards

Together we’ve worked hard to design an environment that embodies your organization, so once it’s complete, defining architectural standards serves as a guide to preserve your design aesthetic through future change and growth.

Furniture Planning & Design

Selecting, planning and managing your furniture package that aligns with your needs, design standards and budget, and promotes productivity by making users feel comfortable.

Finish Selection

Continuously learning about new trends and products, we work with you to choose quality finish materials that not only meet your budget, durability and maintenance requirements but also energize your space and convey your brand.

Healthcare Interiors

Integrating medical equipment, furnishings and interior design with architecture to create spaces that reassure nervous patients, facilitate the work of healthcare professionals, and are durable and easy to maintain.


Through conversations with project stakeholders and interviews of key users, we learn about your organization and your facility needs. Taking this knowledge we then develop space requirements and area relationships necessary to move forward with space planning and designing your facility or campus.

Space Planning

Arranging all required spaces and components of a facility based on the scale and relationship requirements laid out in programming. Space planning allows the team to see how the program comes to life and validate area sizes and adjacencies.

Test Fits / Fit Plans

Drawing preliminary space plans to test a potential space for leasing. We assist both tenants and commercial real estate brokers in matching the right lessees with the right spaces.

Tenant Improvements / Fit Outs

Designing your leased space to your specifications and needs while collaborating with the developer/operator's building requirements and standards.

Lighting Design

Thinking about lighting design holistically from the onset of a project, our team designs so that both artificial and natural light can have positive impacts on your environment.

Change Management

Effectively communicating with your staff on upcoming changes can affect the overall outlook on the change your company is going through. Adapting to a new work environment can be tough for staff. We can help ease transition through a communication plan and user group feedback.


We are committed to helping our clients reach their organizational goals and create impactful experiences within the built environment.

We create more meaningful spaces to live, work, play, learn, heal, and grow.

Our Interior Design solutions and strategies create spaces that differentiate our clients from their competitors – whether that’s the goal of a workplace to attract and retain talent, a restaurant to drive customer loyalty, and so much more.

Our award-winning, nationally recognized Interior Design team uses our collective expertise to shape spaces driven by evidence-based design principles that work and are collaboratively created with our clients.

Carrie Boyd Managing Principal
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