MAke It Innovative features deep dive discussions on the world of innovation as it relates to the built environment.
Latest Awards
Our greatest trophy is our clients success - these awards are affirmations that together we are designing differently.

Why MA Design?

MA means more dynamic design.

Our multidisciplinary teams and human centric designs create connectivity that elevate the community and enrich lives. 

Our team is designing differently, driving diversity, equity and inclusion while meeting the needs of our clients and building better cities and more connected communities. 

We are truly disrupting the design process, with insights and innovations that drive impactful projects, and collaboration that creates commitment.

I am excited to show you the potential possible when selecting MA Design as a partner, and I’ve never been more confident that together, as partners, we are stronger.

Carrie Boyd

Assisting you to predict and protect what inevitable change means for your organization in the future.