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Join us as we enrich lives through innovative design.


Stronger Together

MA Design is driven by a vision of enriching lives through innovative design, working every day to enhance communities, elevate human experiences, and define a sustainable future.

Beyond what we do, learn about who we are, and the passions that drive our purpose, defining our values and bringing our vision of enriching lives through innovative design to life.


Who We Are

Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

At MA Design, we embrace diversity as fundamental to our approach, recognizing its ability to enhance our understanding of design of spaces and its impact on users. Our project teams embody this diversity, reflecting a range of perspectives and backgrounds. We take pride in our commitment to gender diversity, with women comprising 44% of our senior leadership, a rarity in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry where the average stands at just 10.4%.

Recognizing the need for proactive measures, we’ve refined our hiring practices to actively seek out and recruit candidates from underrepresented backgrounds. We are proud of our work towards diversity, equity and inclusion, and are committed to continuous improvement; constantly seeking ways to better serve and support.


By designing our buildings and our communities to be healthy, equitable, and resilient, we work towards a world that is both sustainable and regenerative.

We are dedicated to educating and advocating for the many design possibilities by making the business case for sustainable design, administering green building certifications as goals align, and communicating the impact of buildings on people and the planet.

Internally, and externally, the MA Sustainability Committee is leading the way in the communities we serve, demonstrating our action-oriented approach to sustainable solutions today for a healthier future. Looking beyond the scope of the building and thinking more about the life that will inhabit the space, we’re redefining what human-centric design means, pushing boundaries as we find new limits to what sustainable design looks like.

Corporate + Social Responsibility

As the official Corporate Partners of Habitat for Humanity and Dress for Success our Corporate + Social Responsibility Program (CSR) is driven by our core value of giving more than we get.

We find ways to elevate human experiences, creating a better future for all people, now.

Our employees have found their identity in our office, and through our community, as being corporate partners to those in need, supported by paid volunteer time for all employees company wide.

By serving as beacons of hope, we’ve become even more strengthened in our bonds, demonstrating that together we are stronger. Collectively, we have found passion in our purpose to serve others.

Since the introduction of the formal CSR program in 2018, we are humbled, and honored, by the recognition this program has earned our firm, being recognized as 2019 National Award Winners for Best Community Impact at the Business Excellence Awards, 2019 Dress for Success Columbus’ Annual Corporate Partner of Power, and Habitat for Humanity Design Partners.

Leading with our core values, stronger together, we recognize that above all, it’s the lives that we enrich that define who we are.

Mental Health Matters

At MA Design, we are committed to supporting mental wellness, shifting stigma to strength through important conversations, working together to create space for change.

Our team is dedicated to finding design solutions + strategies that support mental wellness for all, and sharing resources for individuals and collectives.

In 2019, MA proudly introduced the proprietary respite room concept, designed by our award-winning interior design team and created in partnership with our internal Innovation + Research team.

This room, rooted in evidence-based design and psychological studies, was designed to support the central nervous system, decreasing hyperarousal.

This full immersion, multi-sensory room is a place for fast relief. Complete with sensory tools designed to calm the sympathetic nervous system, decreasing stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline, and increasing a sense of calm and mindfulness.

Working with lead neuroscience researchers from The Ohio State University, and the National Institute of Health, the team has created a revolutionary concept that will shift stigma to strength as we work together in supporting mental health in the built environment and beyond.

We are proud to be implementing this design concept, among other solution based techniques and tactics in the built environment, with an increasing number of client projects, as well as internal and external efforts for Mental Health support.

Mentorship Program

The MA Design mentorship program, led in small groups by each member of the leadership team, was designed to support the educational and professional development of employees. The mentorship program has proven to be a successful effort in assisting employees in becoming familiar with the architecture and design industry and profession. Leaders play an active role in assisting employees with networking and gaining relevant experience, while increasing engagement and accountability within the program to help participants thrive.

Wellness Program + Offerings

The MA Wellness Committee offers monthly programming to support physical and mental well being, completely complimentary to all staff members.

In addition to comprehensive benefit plans and programs, the Wellness Committee was designed with employees in mind.

MA has partnered with local gyms, like System of Strength + The Butchershop Fitness, to offer complimentary membership packages to staff, as well as hosting wellness meet ups and on site yoga classes.

In an effort to make wellness offerings more accessible and affordable for all, there are monthly on-site complimentary services at both offices, like massage, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture, open to all staff firm-wide.

Our team’s health – both mentally and physically – has always been, and will always be, our number one priority and we are committed to doing anything we can to support their wellness.

MA University

MA University is a personalized firm-wide development program, serving as support to cultivate leadership skills and further strengthen professional capabilities for high-performing team members looking to find ways to grow, personally and professionally, seeking to advance their careers.

The curriculum, led by top leadership coaches and experts, is designed to be a transformative, and educational, experience that will promote career growth, performance, fulfillment and success.

Guest speakers are featured at each monthly event, increasing team exposure to experts and ideas in different fields to continue to motivate and inspire innovation. Participants receive a “class credit” for each course attended, accumulating credits to earn great prizes and access to exclusives in a special report card.

Be a part of designing the future.

Join us as we enrich lives through innovative design.