Celebrating our Newest Staff Promotions

January 10, 2024
MA Design

As we begin a new year, we are excited to announce several promotions at MA Design. These individuals have demonstrated growth, dedication, and leadership qualities in their current roles and have significantly contributed to our collective success. Join us in celebrating their achievements and the bright futures that lie ahead.

Cameron Guthrie Promoted to Project Captain I

Cameron Guthrie promoted to Project Captain“Cameron has shown leadership in the documentation of several smaller projects and has been a key participant in larger endeavors, eventually taking the lead with confidence. Notably, he’s been taking on increased responsibility in client communications, allowing him to foster strong client relationships.

Cameron’s attention to detail is evident in his initial scope questions, skillfully tying them to schedules and work plans. He consistently delivers “on-time” results, a testament to his commitment to the project. Cameron has become the go-to person in the studio and beyond for his knowledge of Revit and other programs, consistently adhering to best practices.”

– Jeff Heffner, Studio Lead – Commercial


Kenzie Thomas Promoted to Experiential Designer

Kenzie Thomas promoted to Experiential Designer“Kenzie has surpassed expectations as a Graphic Design Specialist and is eager to continue applying her skill sets and expand her knowledge further. Her skillful communication, creative solutions and exceptional organizational skills shine through as she navigates projects, constantly thinking ahead and considering the bigger picture, which makes her a valuable asset to the firm.

From marketing to XD and now renderings, Kenzie’s versatility knows no bounds, and she embraces each new challenge with enthusiasm. Her patience, willingness to help, and collaborative spirit make her a joy to work with.”

– Alicia Orlando, Director – Experiential Design


Brian Darrow Promoted to Project Manager II

Brian Darrow promoted to Project Manager II “Over the past two years, Brian has consistently honed his project management skills, demonstrating an excellent ability to manage projects, deliver results, and lead very effective project meetings with multiple stakeholders. He has a talent for listening to clients, navigating their needs, and steering project designs in a direction that aligns seamlessly with their budget and goals.

Beyond project management, Brian has made valuable contributions to marketing efforts, where his insights play a pivotal role in shaping the team’s overall success.”

– Ken Cleaver, Studio Lead – Higher Education, Communication



Zach Stewart Promoted to Project Captain I

Zach Stewart promoted to Project Captain I

“Zach is a self-starter and possesses a diligent work ethic and unwavering focus. His quest for excellence is evident as he fearlessly tackles new responsibilities, delving into the fascinating world of construction detailing. Zach thrives in independent work, showcasing his ability to progress with minimal direction.

Having learned and mastered the rendering process, Zach is now producing billable products. He is dedicated and eager to embrace new challenges head-on, including starting work in Construction Administration.”

– John Eymann, Managing Principal + Studio Lead – Multifamily Residential


Katherine Hunter Promoted to Interior Designer II

Katherine Hunter promoted to Interior Designer II

“Katherine is a dynamic force within the interior design team, embodying the qualities of a proactive and collaborative leader. She consistently identifies opportunities for project efficiencies and brainstorms innovative approaches with confidence. She is effective at managing her time and regularly exceeds deadlines for task completion.

Katherine is a natural leader and an excellent communicator, comfortable and adept at presenting. She regularly asks for and is open to coaching opportunities to continue her professional development and Client management skills.

Her collaborative spirit shines through as she engages in charrettes and initiates opportunities for feedback on her own design work, exemplifying a commitment to teamwork. Katherine exhibits strong emotional intelligence and is able to communicate her perspective to Clients while remaining approachable, flexible, and open to new ideas.”

– Kaitlin Kingrey, Studio Lead – Interior Design


Chris Keener Promoted to Senior Project Architect I

Chris Keener promoted to Senior Project Architect I

“Chris brings tremendous energy to his projects and the Senior Living / Affordable Housing studio. He is emerging as a true leader on our team and his unwavering commitment to his projects and clients has not gone unnoticed.

Chris has accumulated a wealth of experience in our marketplace and infuses innovative thinking into the documentation process. His keen attention to detail and consistent delivery of outstanding results make him a standout contributor.”

– Russ Garber, Sr. Principal + Studio Lead – Senior Living / Affordable Housing



Bryant Hovest Promoted to Project Captain I

Bryant Hovest promoted to Project Captain I“Bryant has demonstrated a commitment to growth by progressively taking on additional responsibilities in multiple areas. He has been managing these tasks well, showcasing his versatility and dedication.

Bryant has excelled in client communication this year, allowing him to develop positive and meaningful relationships. His clear and effective communication style is a valuable asset to our team and clients alike. Bryant is also the go-to person in the studio for accessibility and code-related questions, solidifying his reputation as a dependable and knowledgeable resource.”

– Ken Cleaver, Studio Lead – Higher Education, Communication



We couldn’t be prouder of these incredible individuals, and we’re certain that they will continue to embody the MA Design core values and our shared vision of enriching lives through innovative design.