Announcing Recent Staff Promotions and Achievements

August 3, 2023
Suzanne Cody Director - Marketing

Today, we have the utmost pleasure to spotlight a group of extraordinary individuals who have undoubtedly set the bar high with their unwavering commitment and exceptional skills. We are excited to announce the well-deserved promotions of some exceptional individuals from our Cincinnati office:

Jessica Glorius-Dangelo
Project Manager I

Is the leader of our sustainability services and her commitment to enhance and expand our capabilities in this realm is unwavering. She has also demonstrated exceptional leadership skills through project management, client guidance and team coordination, leading to successful projects.



Kris Hemeyer
Project Captain I

Embraces a variety of project responsibilities as she continues to grow professionally. Her invaluable contributions make her an essential team member at MA.





Sam DeZarn
Project Coordinator II, Junior Designer

Is incredibly driven, with an eye and talent for good design. His attitude, thoughtfulness and thoroughness shines bright through his work.




As well as these individuals from our Columbus office:

James Weingard
Director – IT

Is a true multi-tasker, effortlessly juggling numerous roles and responsibilities to keep our information technology systems secure and running smoothly. He continually pushes the boundaries of what MA Design can achieve, driving the company forward in an industry that always seeks innovation.


David Prentice
Project Captain I

A dedicated architect, he possesses an insatiable curiosity, always seeking to expand his knowledge and provide innovative solutions. He has an unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional buildings.


Jena Kessler
Project Captain I

Her exceptional attention to detail sets her apart, and she fearlessly takes on challenges with determination. She has worked on complex projects with success and her hard work and dedication makes us stronger.


Kylie Ellison
Project Coordinator II

Brings a can-do/will-do attitude to her work, consistently seeking opportunities for professional growth. Her versatility allows her to proficiently navigate various software tools, making her a true jack-of-all-trades. Her approach and skill set pay a pivotal role in projects.


Molly Loos
Project Coordinator II

Her remarkable attitude radiates positivity, and her self-assured nature drives her to tackle every task with diligence and effectiveness. Continuously striving for growth and learning, she embodies a proactive problem-solving approach, coupled with an innate creativity that leads to innovative solutions.



We couldn’t be prouder of these incredible individuals, and we’re certain that they will continue to embody the MA Design core values and our shared vision of enriching lives through innovative design.