The New Year Means New Promotion for a New Group of Leaders at MA Design

January 4, 2023
MA Design

Join us in congratulating the newest team of Associates, including:

  • Corey Black, Associate, Project Manager
  • Alison Crumley, Associate, Senior Project Manager
  • Peter Hilligoss, Associate, Senior Project Manager
  • Susan Hinz, Associate, Project Manager
  • Rachel Livengood, Associate, Human Resources Manager

This incredibly deserving group of leaders proudly embody the MA DNA, most known for working towards our firm’s shared vision of enriching lives through innovative design and leading the design industry, thinking outside the box and beyond our current boundaries.

MA Design President, Managing Partner, Mark Daniels shared, “A leader means many things, but is more of an attitude than a title. It means pushing to find new ways to make our company stronger. I am proud of how much this group exemplifies that, bringing positivity and creativity to our MA team everyday.”

The MA Design Associates are responsible for innovative initiatives that will drive design solutions and strategies to support our client’s success, and keep the firm, our projects and our partners future focused.

This new group joins the existing team of Associates, including:

  • Amanda Bocchinfuso, Associate, Project Manager
  • Sari Lehtinen, Associate, Senior Designer
  • Kris Nankivell, Associate, Senior Interior Designer

The title of Associate is not given, but it is earned, by these leaders setting themselves apart from the rest by continuing to motivate their peers, and executives, to push the firm towards continued growth.

Congratulations to the team as we are energized by this strong start of 2023. We remain impressed by all that you have done, and inspired by all that you will continue to do.