Dan Yacavone Promoted to Director of Cincinnati Operations

November 21, 2022
Dan Yacavone Director - Cincinnati Operations, Studio Lead - Mixed-Use/Multifamily

Join us in congratulating Dan Yacavone in his promotion to Director of Cincinnati Operations, while also continuing to serve as Studio Lead of Mixed Use/Multi Family in MA Design’s Cincinnati Office.

With 25 years of industry expertise, Dan has dedicated himself to the growth of the Cincinnati office while at MA Design for the last 7 years. As Cincinnati’s first local hire, he has proudly held a place in supporting Seth Oakley and the team in growing the office 900% since opening its doors in late 2014.

Dan’s career of international design work and award-winning projects has a legacy of success for the hundreds of projects he’s been a part of, pulling from his expertise to position MA Design as a leading firm in the state of Ohio and beyond.

Principal Seth Oakley shares, “Dan is one of MA Design’s best resources and has a very broad and deep level of knowledge about the profession and the operational needs an office has.”

This promotion will also allow Seth Oakley to assume more corporate-level responsibilities, in addition to executive leadership of the Cincinnati office, supporting the incredible continual growth of the office and continuing to find ways to best add value to our clients.

Seth also shares, “Dan will, invariably, find out the best way to solve a problem…whether it’s finding the exact right person with the exact right solution, all the way to teaching himself something new, way out of his comfort zone, to solve the problem. He’s relentlessly innovative.”

Bringing our firm’s values to life, Dan is known for being always passionate, and constantly, and consistently, giving more than he gets. Dan knows the power of collaboration on our projects and internally. His energetic optimism brings teams together and makes sure each contributor has their input heard.

Connect with Dan via email to learn about the ways he can support your future of success, as a trusted partner and project professional.

Congratulations Dan – we appreciate everything you’ve done to bring the Cincinnati office, and firm, to the place of success we are at, and are confident in all that you will continue to do for the best that’s yet to come for our firm, our clients, our colleagues and our communities.