Stability meets innovation


An international provider of technology, engineering and consulting services, Belcan prides itself on not just imagining the future with their clients, but creating it. Their innovative and scalable solutions for a variety of industries including aerospace, industrial and government service markets have earned Belcan much recognition and respect. While they are a forward-thinking company, they also balance this with being a secure and trusted partner.

Design of Belcan’s new headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio focuses on expressing their deep care for their customers and supporting their robust pool of talent. Visioning sessions with Belcan uncovered the need to express their stability as a company while incorporating 21st century design to attract new talent. These values can be seen through a cool color palette that compliments Belcan’s tried and true brand blue and gives a fresh and contemporary spirit as well as stylish LED light fixtures and ample daylight. The feeling of groundedness and stability starts with a customized reception desk and is carried throughout the building through wood and stone finishes.

To drive efficiency and build company culture, a variety of workspaces were developed to allow for flexibility and choice. In addition to open office desk spaces, many conference rooms, collaboration spaces and private focus rooms were provided. Special project rooms provide crucial spaces for teams coming together to work on short term projects. Respite rooms are incorporated near open office areas on each floor to provide spaces for staff to mitigate stress and recharge when needed.

Experiential design for the office centers on both the client and employee journey throughout the building. This included branding and global presence recognition in the reception area, a history wall to evoke trust and inspiration to clients and employees alike, and a Hall of Fame wall recognizing company trailblazers and Belcan’s core values.