A central hub where staff and the community can connect, collaborate, and innovate, together.


Composed of 75 members across the Central Ohio region, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) brings together a variety of communities to collaborate on best practices and plans for the region’s future. MORPC’s primary goal for the renovation of their office was to create a central hub for their employees to connect, collaborate, and demonstrate their innovative and forward-thinking mentality. Inspired by their values and work, and backed by data collected through staff surveys, MA Design began by developing a narrative for using re-adaptive principles to design new workplace zones and experiences within the office that created an intuitive sense of progression, moments to pause and reflect, and influenced a new mindset for the team.

To drive efficiency and build company culture, and to address hybrid workplace needs, flexibility and choice were incorporated throughout the workplace. In addition to open, adaptable office work spaces, conference rooms, and collaboration spaces, an Ideation Room was created for cross-collaboration between departments and for community use. The addition of a second floor of office space led to incorporating an experiential design activation in the staircase to create a link between the two floors. To further bridge the gap between the two floors, respite rooms were incorporated near open office areas on each floor to provide spaces for staff to mitigate stress and recharge when needed.

Project Stats
Columbus, OH
26,474 SF
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