A transformational space for a transformative company.


Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC) is in the business of digital transformation and needed a transformation of their physical office to match their culture and growing team.

Located in Liberty Center, a mixed-use development that is home to other MA Design projects, their new space draws upon an opportunity for high visibility. Reflecting their work hard/play hard attitude, this office space promotes connectivity, communication, and the vibrant culture of ATC. While undergoing a new physical office layout and design, ATC also took the opportunity to revamp its brand identity, launching a new logo and brand standards to energize the office and stay current with technology and design trends. Tons of daylight, thoughtful placement of hard walls, engaging graphics, and a fresh palette throughout instills a positive feeling for all the employees and guests who walk through their front door.

Key spaces include semi-transparent conference rooms, a transformative training room with the ability to open up with a moveable wall and connect to the cafe for maximum entertainment space, and fully private phone booths either for phone calls or respite. Furniture is also a key element that provides inclusivity and variety as moveable pieces allow spaces to be more flexible for meetings, quick chats, or whatever is happening in this versatile office space.

As recruitment and retention become even more critical to employers, ATC’s new space focuses on providing workspace choice and allows their culture to shine through. The design welcomes all who come to their space for work, gathering, or entertainment. With conference rooms named Jim, Jack, Johnnie, and José, it is a playful nod to their love of entertaining. Having visibility from the Liberty Center sidewalks below draws well-deserved attention to this hardworking group and their top-notch workplace.

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Liberty Township, OH
5,710 SF
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