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Founded on the core service of waste water treatment design, Burgess & Niple, much like their original services, has changed and evolved with time. Today, they have expanded to a full service that is nationally known for engineering and architecture, but haven’t lost focus on their origin of water design.

Taking inspiration from the past was key in creating their new national headquarters. Historical company objects have been accessorized and displayed in their board room while other important memorabilia like the original Burgess & Niple doors welcome you to the refreshed reception area. The front desk is breathtakingly designed with a back-lit panel that mimics pixelated water droplets falling as a nod to their professional connection to water as a leader in the industry. Materials selected showcase the honest materials that inspire their craft like: concrete, wood, steel, glass and even shades of blue to tie back to their brand and expand on the concept of water. These shades of blue are used as water-inspired gradients to distinguish different refuel stations and meeting rooms.

Giving the space its own uniqueness, strategic positioning of an angled corridor was incorporated to allow views of the east side, and, subsequently, views of bridges they designed in the past, throughout the headquarters. Other strategic placement was with a central training room that opens up into the cafe, perfect for hosting industry-wide training sessions.

Project Stats
Columbus, OH
$3.3 Million
39,738 SF