Unification of service departments previously scattered across the county to one campus location.
Delaware County Byxbe Campus


Named after Moses Byxbe, highly regarded in the history of the development of what is today Delaware County, this project will be the new civic complex for the county. Bringing together, for the first time, various county functions that are currently scattered throughout the county in various structures, this campus will consist of five buildings that are designed cohesively with an aesthetic that conveys the forward-thinking mindset of Delaware County.

The project entails the renovation of the former Delaware Area Career Center’s North Campus into offices for Code Compliance, Regional Planning, Engineering, Facilities, County Extension Office, Soil and Waters Division, and Roadways and Utilities. The renovated facility will be complemented by a new state-of-the-art Sheriff’s Office of 34,800 SF, a new engineering vehicle storage building, a new vehicle wash bay building, and a new fuel transfer station on the premises. The master plan of this property indicates locations for a future county dog shelter facility and sets land aside for a new township fire station.

As the fastest growing county in Ohio, we are energized by the people and the community and believe that Moses Byxbe, known for his planning skills, would have been pleased to see the organization and coordination of services in one planned campus arrangement that bears his name.