Catalyst for neighborhood revitalization celebrating community heritage and providing the opportunity for engagement and community resources.


Under the Southside Gateway Community Plan to revitalize South Lorain, this new community park is poised to become a hub of engagement and a catalyst toward a thriving neighborhood. This area, 30th and Vine Street historically known as El Campito, is one of the primarily Puerto Rican “barrios” west of New York City and has transitioned from its industrial roots to a community-driven service and business economy, still vibrant with Boricuas and diverse ownership.

The community park, funded partially by a HUD Choice Neighborhoods grant and developed in collaboration with the Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority (LMHA) and the City of Lorain, will provide a safe recreational space for children and host community gatherings. It will also offer educational and essential services to residents, particularly those with transportation challenges.

Designed with adaptability and sustainability in mind, the park will feature programmatic container-like structures to accommodate diverse activities such as a tool library, pop-up shops, sensory and community gardens, and a performance space. These versatile structures will not only support daily community life but are also central to a broader vision. Positioned adjacent to the Southside Gardens Public Housing Site, this pilot project includes five customized containers, looking to initiate a larger plan to integrate similar structures throughout South Lorain.

This will enhance community play, gatherings, and cultural identity, knitting the neighborhood together, with culturally conscious branding, wayfinding, and art.

Ultimately, this park celebrates the rich history and identity of the diversity of the community, offering a place for play, community, and celebration.

Project Stats
Lorain, OH
$1.1 Million
Est. 2025
Project Services