Redefining the community by leveraging existing assets.


Gahanna, a North East suburb of Columbus, Ohio, has decided to reinvest into the city and its residents by creating the Creekside District Master Development Plan.

The Creekside Park and Plaza is a destination location in Gahanna that was designed to be the hub for an overall entertainment district, setting the tone for how residents and visitors feel about Gahanna. Building on the excitement and energy of Creekside, importance has been placed on surrounding areas to evoke a strong positive impression that had not yet been achieved, to solve for the lack of definition of a true โ€œdowntown areaโ€ within the city.

Drawing upon our cross-sector collaboration, the plan incorporates retail, mixed-use, residential, and community mindsets. The goals of this plan include creating a sense of place, connection to the creek, and creating a retail destination. Our team worked collaboratively with not only key stakeholders but also the residents and public to create a vision for the future.

Project Stats
Gahanna, OH
50 Acres
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