A safe escape.
Little Fork Family Advocacy Center


Victims of domestic violence can find refuge at the Little Fork Family Advocacy Center, the only safe shelter in the community. MA designed this comprehensive center that provides clinical and legal aid, secluded on a river, promoting a theme of peace and ease. The property features communal areas including a large kitchen, outdoor recreation, lively playrooms and pet kennels, a clear demonstration that everyone is taken into consideration.

Ten private suites mimic a feeling of home, highlighting modular furniture for flexibility and comfortability. In conjunction with the YWCA and the Clermont County Officials and Prosecutor’s Office, designated meeting areas will provide a safe space for conversation with a sense of security. Other spaces include quiet rooms and areas that feature positive distractions for young children. On-site mental health professionals will be staffed for the utmost support in all facets of life as those that inhabit it heal and find peace in their strength to persevere.

Project Stats
Clermont County, OH
$8.9 million
20,900 SF
Project Services