Consensus building, change management, and effective communication throughout the design process.


With outdated buildings and fragmented departments spread out across their campus, Big Lots, had outgrown their previous headquarters. They teamed up with developing partner, Daimler, and MA to select a new site in Columbus and design a new headquarters that was future resilient and flexible. The new campus features open office space with abundant natural light, a large cafe and kitchen with outdoor seating, a full mock up retail store, integrated requirements for infrastructure redundancy, and flexibility and space for continued growth.

Guidance to a consensus and change management, as well as effective communication throughout the design process were paramount to accommodate the complex program and varying needs between departments.

The exterior design of the new structure consists of a neo-classical aesthetic with a muted, earthy color palette which reflects the proud, yet reserved, Big Lots brand. The design of the core and shell also take into account the needs of the developer, creating a flexible office space without having the appearance of a typical office building.

The interior design focuses on creating a dynamic environment that allows for the diversified portfolio of employees to work efficiently and collaboratively. Agile workspaces were included to allow for people to work how they need to and to promote employee interactions. Taking cues from the exterior, the interior design brings the Big Lots brand forward with subtle cues, while the rest of the palette provides a more neutral, timeless backdrop. The end result is a workplace that is both employee and brand focuses, which promotes an engaged work-life culture.