Holistic, enriching design with residents' wellness at the forefront.


With a focus on empty-nester lifestyles, shifting work dynamics and holistic wellness, Four23/Hoge is created to completely cater to the needs of residents. Through biophilic wall-murals created by a local artist, Betty Hatchet, to a 24/7 fitness center, to feng shui design expert assisted common areas and even secure bike storage with a tune-up station, wellness is at the forefront of design for residents. 

These 62 multi-generational living units are located in the heart of the walkable Columbia-Tusculum business district and are equipped with ten-foot tall ceilings, walk-in showers, flexible work areas and plenty of natural light. Enhanced sound abatement is incorporated throughout the building and further sound abatement is included through solid wood crafted front doors to buffer sound transfer between units. Recognizing that residents may be downsizing and need extra space, storage units are readily available for them to rent. 

Wellness is further incorporated into units with custom, local Rookwood Pottery backsplash in the kitchen to match the gray feng shui inspired accent walls, and even the inclusion of heated ceramic bathroom tiled floors. The attention to wellness and non-static amenities continues outside with the centralized courtyard, featuring a heated, zen inspired pool with swim currents while wooden trellis-covered tables. Ambient noise provided by the courtyard fountain further helps separate the different areas of the outside oasis.