The past harmonizing with the future through the fusion of historical vernacular architecture with contemporary design.


Redevelopment of the old Jones Heel Manufacturing Co. buildings, which once housed an integral part of Columbus’ shoe history. The site, located on the Whittier Peninsula in South Columbus is being transformed into a 108 unit market-rate and workforce-housing residential development with amenities and integrated structured parking. A mix of one- and two-bedroom apartments, the development is situated in the Brewery District, now one of the most sought after neighborhoods to live, work and play in Columbus. Much care was taken to blend the existing historical vernacular with a modern industrial aesthetic. The design keeps intact the existing brick facade and character of both buildings on the site which include a six-story tower and one-story manufacturing building. A five-story addition adds a contrasting modern industrial feel. The south end of the building is stepped back to expose views of the existing tower.

The contrast between the modern and historical industrial feel will be on display on the interior as well with artifacts from the existing building being incorporated into the interior design. By keeping the original components of the building, the history of the building which housed one of the largest heel-making factories in the United States at one time will be on display. The development integrates the ambitions of the community moving forward and simultaneously showcases its rich history.