Special Care Nursery to level 3A NICU.


MA Healthcare Studio reconstructed the Doctor’s Hospital Nationwide Children’s Hospital Special Care Nursery into a Level 3A NICU serving eight critical care babies. The existing open-bay nursery was converted into a three-sided private family and infant care area, and EMR is now provided at the bedside while all new support spaces for new units are fully FGI and ODH compliant. Architectural considerations included introducing natural light and providing for advanced control of lighting throughout the unit, creating independent family and caregiver zones, providing for infant security, as well as security and cleanliness in medications and breast milk storage and preparation areas, a new HVAC system, and all new plumbing and lighting systems. The project was completed in phases while the LDRP unit and all other areas of the hospital remained operational.

Project Stats
Columbus, OH
$1.5 million
25,000 SF
Project Services