Cutting-edge treatment in spaces designed with the patient and caregiver experience in mind.


In order to better serve downtown and the surrounding communities OhioHealth expanded their oncology services at the Grant Medical Center campus to provide top-tier patient care. The existing four-story Medical Office Building was renovated and the existing parking garage was enclosed to house linear accelerator vaults, as well as a radiation oncology clinic. A new canopy drop-off area distinguishes the facility from the adjoining Bone and Joint Center Building and provides a dedicated front entrance for easy patient access and a single reception point for registration and scheduling.

On the fourth floor a new cutting-edge infusion center, pharmacy, laboratory, and medical oncology clinic now occupy a former empty shell space. The design prioritizes co-located clinical and nonclinical spaces, fostering seamless communication and movement between off-stage and on-stage areas. Adjacencies, views, and natural daylight from exterior courtyards and garden areas were thoughtfully studied and applied to the layout of the clinic to promote patient healing, wellness, and caregiver productivity.

Taking cues from the OhioHealth brand, the design team enhanced the patient experience through intentional design elements, infusing warmth into the finishes and furnishing to energize and engage caregivers, patients, and families. Our goal was to provide an environment that is not only comfortable but also innovative, assuring patients and caregivers alike that they’ve made the best choice for their healthcare needs.