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MA Design worked closely with repeat client MedVet on this ground up, first-floor new build to create the most efficient layout for the MedVet Cleveland emergency animal hospital. This led to the L-shaped designed, medium-response exam rooms to optimize space while giving canine patients and their families privacy in their times of pain and uncertainty. The inclusion of an OR and ICU as well as the requirements for MRI and CT were met and incorporated into this design.

Through biophilic design, we let the outside inspire within. A serene retention pond right beside the building is displayed through tall, ceiling to floor windows in the waiting area. The charming atmosphere of the plush surrounding park, as well as the incorporation of natural wood and stone elements, showcase the natural beauty surrounding Medvet Cleveland. This was key to creating a calm atmosphere for patients and their families, as this is the area where many face the most anxiety. By bringing tranquil aspects of nature inside through plenty of natural light and uninterrupted views of the surrounding nature park, canine patients are kept occupied with familiar sights of the outdoors and, most importantly, are kept calm. With space off to the side of the building remaining for growth, many opportunities for future patients await.

Project Stats
Cleveland, OH
$10.5 million
30,000 SF
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