Perfectly executed example of how graphics, interior design and architecture can all work seamlessly to create harmony in one space.


Family owned and operated since 1960, Mid-City Electric has made a name for their company as local leaders in electric and technologies. With the second generation leading the way towards the future, the family knew it was time for a change, even if they didn’t quite know where to begin.

Atypical to most projects, environmental graphic designs were brought into the design process from the beginning. The team got Mid-City to early adopt EGD into the design process by capitalizing on opportunities for branding. By introducing them to the concepts and possibilities, the team talked about the elements of EGD that could be incorporated to enhance the design, and demonstrated opportunities through soft spots for branding.

Graphics and interiors collaborated to make the vision a reality. Actual materials that are native to the client are immersed in areas such as the lobby, cafe and other common spaces.

Using design strategy principles to back up our team’s recommendations, and thorough explanations, more open spaces and informal huddle spots were incorporated into the design.

Project Team
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Columbus, OH
$1.45 million
22,630 SF
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