Building out a space while building out a new brand.


g2o is a digital experience and technology company that creates meaningful online experiences for customers and their employees. This tenant fit-out project presented a unique opportunity to build out a space as they built their brand. Going through a rebrand at the start of the pandemic, g2o took the opportunity to rethink the way they wanted to work and interact with each other in their new space.

The solution was to design a space that instantly feels warm and inviting like their people – yet progressive and inspiring like their work. A space aesthetic that feels authentic and an environment that is meaningful, organic, and rich with character in a timeless way. Using a warm, rich, saturated palette balanced by light and openness, the space feels purposeful and thoughtfully designed, but not flashy or over the top. It is a space full of storytelling through unique and thoughtful components that weave the brand and interior design together seamlessly, making each employee and client feel at home from the minute they enter the space.

One of their design process goals was to foster collaboration and flexibility amongst workspaces. This created “collision zones”. These are multi-functional spaces with changeable furniture pieces that are brightly colored to invite choice-based breakout workspaces and collaboration. These can be found throughout the office based on the color of the space.

Project Stats
Dublin, OH
$1.4 million
30,352 SF
Project Services