A less is more design approach that utilizes the building to its fullest potential.


For over a hundred years Danis has been a leader in the construction industry, working with public, private, and industrial clients. With a need to have an office that more accurately reflected their culture, and to provide better connection between their departments, Danisโ€™ primary goal was to create a space that honestly reflected their business and personality. Inspired by their brand, design goals, employees, and history, the MA design team began by using re-adaptive principles to drive materiality, creating new workplace zones to allow for better collaboration, and grounding the space in contrast to create a new experience and mindset.

During discovery sessions with their team, we uncovered that for this group, their definition of honest culture gravitated more toward simplicity. The space is designed with a variety of settings that utilize transparency to provide connection, multiple work modes that allow for choice and flexibility, and a sense of playfulness through the comfortability of furnishings. Raw became refined using re-adaptive materials such as ones found in the structure of the buildings and spaces they work in, but refined to be kept clean and streamlined. A sense of visual contrast was used when designing the reception desk, juxtaposing the concrete form with the sleek metal panels behind it. Other tailored activations highlight the craft of their team through metalworking and structural elements that brought a weighted presence to the design, bringing the materials of their work to life.

The new office is simple but comfortable, an honest reflection of their culture, while paying homage to the companyโ€™s legacy, and its mission of building the future.

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Columbus, OH