Improving staff engagement and employee recruitment through attractive workplace design.


Providing a positive and attractive workplace environment is key for engaging staff and for employee recruitment efforts for a company. Knowing how important workplace design is to productivity, growth and inspiration, Burgess & Niple sought to change their Cincinnati office’s workspace to reflect their values and identity.

Relocating to a building in downtown Cincinnati, the new Burgess & Niple office fit out an existing tenant space with unforgettable views of the city skyline. The new office design centers around the large spacious front lobby area which includes a café and a market for employees to enjoy. The design of the office serves as a test for what future renovations to other Burgess & Niple office locations could be.

Experiential design elements are displayed in multiple facets throughout the office showcasing the company’s values, brand and story. By using materials that are a part of the company’s core services in the field, B&N infused their story throughout the space. Climbing cord and carabiners act as dividers for the booths in the café. Cork board in the shape of the United States in the conference room allows employees to place a pin in the spot of current and future offices across the nation. Each of the experiential elements tie together to show off the company’s rich history and culture.

Overcoming the challenges of raising the existing ceiling height, the adjustment helps make the space more open. Devising the right ratio of conference rooms and individual huddle spaces per staff members was part of the design strategy to create different areas for employees to work collaboratively or individually. The final look created a space where employees are comfortable and enjoy working.

Project Stats
Cincinnati, OH
11,246 SF
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