A new corporate office with a lasting impression.


Using rich, dark tones and sophisticated materials, Crawford Hoying’s (CH) headquarters office leaves a lasting impression.

Rooted in real estate and apartment rentals, an experiential art installation of over 1,000 keys represents the truly meaningful foundation of Crawford Hoying’s brand. The keys float on the lobby wall creating an elegant, glittering field of texture while integrating metal plaques displaying CH’s memorable milestones.

Digital graphics highlighting CH’s portfolio and expertise scroll across nine monitors in the lobby. Accompanying the digital graphics is a collage of sophisticated, dimensional matte brand words with the CH logo standing out in brushed aluminum. This composition represents the brand in a more tactile, non-digital format.

Additional graphic components include custom wall coverings, linear banding of project images, a branded cork pin up space and an elegant custom glass privacy graphic for the central conference room.

Project Team
Project Stats
Dublin, OH
$1.25 million
15,764 SF