Upgrading an outdated office park into a vibrant workplace campus.


With the reorganization and diminished presence of the main tenant in this office park, new owners, Griffin Capital Co. looked to update and refresh the outdated site into a vibrant workplace campus that attracts new tenants and workers.

Our project team first began by looking at how the four buildings, one parking structure, and surface parking were working together. Traffic lanes – both pedestrian and vehicular were studied along with how the buildings were connected on site. New opportunities for outdoor areas for working, eating or taking a break were created to allow for flexibility for employees to work in areas other than at their desk.

The goal of the project is to create a more town center feel to the campus, providing amenities that are in demand – flexible working areas, dining options, fitness center, and collaboration spaces. Which is what the first phase of the project that is now open has done. The design is inviting and people-friendly and looks to allow people to experience the space instead of just passing through it.

Project Stats
Columbus, OH
375,000 SF