Creating a space where everyone feels welcome.


Lifepoint Church is an ever growing church with unwavering support for the Lewis Center  community. When they were looking to revamp and expand to meet their growing needs, MA Design was compelled to design with the modern spiritual community in mind, while also maintaining Lifepoint’s core values of connection and intimacy. 

Due to the large size of the Lifepoint Church, dimensional wayfinding was of the utmost importance to create visual pathways within the church. This creates an easy flow from the various conference rooms, to the Lifepoint Kids addition and to the worship auditorium. 

MA Design developed graphics with bold colors that contrast the neutrals in the architecture and interior design. The bold and playful  “Sunday Funday” wall in the Lifepoint Kids area alludes to the direction of red, blue, and green classrooms that are beyond the wall. Other customized, colorful graphics include the wallcoverings with spiritual messages displayed throughout the interior of the building. These graphics are representative of their brand, but were designed to evolve with the Lifepoint Church brand.