Turning a teacher-focused, passive classroom into a learner-focused, active one.


Teaching pedagogy is changing, and physical classroom space needs to adapt to facilitate those changes. Once almost exclusively teacher-focused and passive, classrooms today are increasingly learner-focused and active. Technology enhancements need to allow for diverse teaching and learning arrangements, including opportunities for student interactivity through live feedback and created-content sharing. Related changes and improvements to lighting and acoustical performance are often necessary. Incorporation of features that promote project-based learning and collaboration, such as flexible furnishings and available white-boards, augment active learning potential. And updated, active and branded finishes improve student experience and long-term connection to the University.

Ohio State’s pool classroom leadership is dedicated to renovating outdated learning environments around campus in response to the needs of contemporary learners. This renovation of two tiered lecture halls and the corridor outside the rooms in Ohio State’s McPherson Chemical Laboratory building aimed to improve both student experience and education outcomes.

New lighting, finishes and technology integration in the large tiered classroom improved digital communication opportunities, and updated design aesthetics improved student engagement.

The medium sized tiered classroom was reconfigured to facilitate active, collaborative learning with new flexible group seating provided on enlarged tiers, augmented with white boards integrated into the railing system. Acoustic and lighting upgrades improved the environment for group work, and contribute to reduced energy consumption, supporting the University’s sustainability mission.

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Columbus, OH
8,860 SF
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