Live in your element and become part of a community.


For the next generation of gig-workers and empty nesters, their preferred living will be about luxury and amenities. Crafted by unique, hospitality-driven settings, AG47 is all about curating the “good life” for its residents.

Starting with the lobby, MA’s design was geared to make residents feel like they were walking into a luxury hotel at their front door, including having a concierge and coffee nook tucked into the space. The entry lobby also allows for flexible living by offering co-working space and a lounge. Community hangout spots were designed to bring residents together outside of their apartments by offering tailored experiences that can allow for casual or formal gatherings. A sense of playfulness and connection to the local area was brought about through the custom lighting elements in each space that have elements of the community’s name.

One challenge in all multi-family residential projects is how to ensure the units are long-lasting, attractive for today and tomorrow, which was achieved by incorporating unique-but-timeless lighting, a neutral cabinetry package, and a simplistic accent tile. True of all humans is the desire to personalize, and so a flexible paint package was proposed for the units so that residents could choose from appropriate color palettes to accent their space. Again, understanding the location and demographics, the finish package was designed to feel grounded, welcoming, and flexible for the residents’ varied life stages.

AG47 is the largest development in Silverton’s history. This new urban infill mixed-use development for the village of Silverton in the Cincinnati, Ohio area plans to redevelop and jump-start new investment into the community. MA Design created the master plan for the project, and designed the buildings in the first phase, including a four-story multi-family residential building with 204 units and another 60,000 SF three-story office, retail and restaurant building. Walk-up town homes are placed along the street to enhance the streetscape along the road and keep it lively. Over 300 parking spaces are incorporated into the buildings and site.

Continuing to design for future generations, this design is being implemented to similar developments in the surrounding Cincinnati area.