Improving patient experience with single-patient, accessible rooms.


In 1998, OhioHealth acquired Doctors Hospital, a premier osteopathic hospital and teaching institution in Columbus. Since then, Columbus’ west side has grown rapidly. To accommodate the influx of residents, OhioHealth has been renovating Doctors Hospital in phases. OhioHealth has again partnered with MA Design for the latest phase of major renovation, which upgrades the hospital’s fifth floor.

As the project interior architect and interior designer, MA has built consensus among a large group of stakeholders and has coordinated with hospital operation in order to minimize interruptions on other floors. MA Design has met the challenge of converting double rooms to private rooms within a single column grid. The rooms are fully ADAAG compliant and feature private bathroom with showers. MA Design’s focus is on improving patient experience, minimizing the technical feel of the headwall above patient beds and installing lighting with more of a residential feel. Artwork on the footwall is in view of the patient and draws the eye to the windows. A sink located between the room door and the bed promotes visitor handwashing.

MA’s renovation includes converting the fifth-floor nursing station to an open nursing station that is visually and physically accessible to patients and visitors. The open station includes new interactive patient monitoring. There is also a new physician’s workroom, a new nurse manager’s office, and new staff support areas. In addition, the renovation has opened a corridor of natural light into the open station, improving staff efficiency and quality of work life.

Project Stats
Columbus, OH
$7.7 million
14,000 SF
Project Services