How to Create a Calming Workspace at the Office: Tamra Fuscaldo Featured in Real Simple Magazine

August 4, 2021

Check out MA’s Director of Interior Design, Tamra Fuscaldo’s feature in Real Simple Magazine’s article on “How to Create a Calming Workspace at the Office, According to Interior Designers”.

“Having a calm workplace can be beneficial for our overall well-being, productivity, and job satisfaction”, the article shares, siting psychologist Ernesto Lira de la Rosa.

From design choices like color, materials and textures, to considering floor plans for privacy and dynamics like air quality, Tamra shares her decades of design experience on how to make a workplace that works for you and your team.

“Designing with intention for experience, Fuscaldo says, provides “a parallel to the spaces we have at home, and with that comes greater connectivity and potential for that elusive work/life balance,” Fuscaldo adds.
“You will see that every generation has an ideal work environment based on their specific needs and work styles. Designing to accommodate those needs will be imperative for workplace recruitment and retention.”
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