Luxury apartments for all age groups.


As one of the first new residential developments in Anderson Township over the last 25 years, One30 Stonegate provides new luxury living attractive to young professionals and empty-nesters. The development is made up of two buildings providing 130 market-rate apartments and resort-style amenities spaces indoors and outdoors. This new housing option will attract renters looking for the urban lifestyle outside of the downtown area, and provides curated amenities for multi-functional use.

Starting with the site, we strategically designed to allow the parking to be underground with the outdoor amenity space, pool, lounge areas, and fire pits to sit on top. We also worked to maximize the density while focusing the experience on the entry of the building.

Understanding what is driving consumers today, we utilized our multi-generational research to develop the story for the interior experience that would attract the two target demographics. A common and connective notable trend amongst the generations we identified was nostalgia. We studied what patterns, textures, forms, lighting, and materials could create a sense of Urban Nostalgia, and how those feelings could be used to connect experiences across all of the generations in an equitable way. Our project team also worked with the client to develop a specific program of activities and amenities, avoiding a single-use mentality, giving each space different multi-use opportunities. The final design provides flexibility, separation of spaces for potential rentable opportunities, and a mixture of hospitality and playful experiences.

Creating a connection to the past cultivates positivity for the culture and well-being of the residents. Cost-conscious, this residential development has luxury for all ages in a suburban setting, while respecting the client’s budget. By creating a story behind the design, we helped to push the client and our designs to be more elevated and create a unique experience.


IIDA (Ohio and Kentucky chapter) 2022 award winner for Best Multi-Family Project!