Why TikTok, Interior Design + Multigenerational Experts All Belong Together in the Same Room

May 20, 2022
MA Design

TikTok, Interior Design + Multigenerational – three words that feel like they might not belong together in a sentence, but make for the greatest possible outcome.

Two of our incredible resident Gen-Z Interior Designers – Hayley Perrault + Katherine Hunter – were just featured in “The Spruce” in a feature article about “How Designers Really Feel about TikTok Aesthetic Rooms”… and their answers might surprise you.

MA has four active generations of design experts working together to create the most dynamic design possible for our clients and communities, blending years of experience with fresh ideas and innovations.

In her interview, Hayley shared, “The interior design styles that came out of TikTokers taking control of their space while living through global chaos are rooted in choice, control, and the rejection of design rules and expectations.”

Katherine Hunter

Katherine Hunter

“This TikTok aesthetic is Gen Z’s way of expressing themselves through more than just their clothes,” Katherine said. “Gen Z is made up of creators and makers, and they want to be a part of the design process and personalize their surroundings.”

We’re all about designing differently – thinking about influences like TiKTok and expertise like code requirements at the same time, using innovation and expertise to shape everything we do. Read the full article here: https://bit.ly/3yNJueJ