Reddit’s Own Viral Topic: The Truth, The Rumors + The Things You Still Might Not Know About Intel

February 8, 2023
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We sat down with Betsy Goldstein, known for her statewide “Intel on Intel” presentations to understand the latest updates and information you need to know about the momentous changes happening in Central Ohio. Ever since Intel selected the greater Columbus, Ohio area to invest more than $20 billion in the construction of new leading-edge chip factories, Betsy has stayed on top of all things Intel project and progress related and recently went VIRAL on Reddit.

Recognized throughout Ohio as the unofficial ultimate expert and enthusiast, Betsy’s presentations throughout the city about “The Intel on Intel” have now taken the internet by storm, and to help you stay on top of it, she’s breaking down the the truth, the rumors + the things you still might not know about Intel.

Truth 1: The Airport
All the rumors are true. The airport is a done deal.

The construction of the new airport terminal was always part of the plan, but Intel’s announcement put the project in overdrive. The decision to speed up construction plans was made to align with the growing demand of air traffic in recent years, as well as to accommodate growing population and business growth in Columbus.

The project is currently in-design and a construction partner has not been selected. The new terminal will consist of a 900,000 sq ft terminal with 35 to 40 gates.

The new terminal is expected to be a state-of-the-art facility with modern amenities and updated technology to support passenger experience.

Truth 2: TWO Fabs Are Currently Being Built
2 Fabs are being built as you read this, and in the midst of construction 2 more fabs are confirmed to be built.

But wait – that’s not all. Once construction of Fab #3 and Fab #4 kick off, and based on the success of the project, Intel will determine whether they will want to build six or eight fabs total.

Intel has fabs in Oregon, Arizona, Ireland and Israel. According to Intel, each fab is 250k sq ft.

You can learn more about this project scope and the need for construction and subcontractors on site each day in our blog, The Intel on Intel.

Mulby Place

Truth 3: Your Morning Commute
Your morning commute is getting longer. In fact, a 20-30 minute additional commute time.

Drive times will change with the introduction of Intel combined with the development of the Honda LG project.

The site to Delaware would be a 40 minute drive, 20 minutes more of a commute than present day.

The site to Powell would be a 60 minute drive, 30 minutes more of a commute than present day.

The site to Hilliard would be a 70 minute drive, 30 minutes more of a commute than present day.

Along with your commute time getting longer, expect your neighborhoods to be fuller. Specifically, Knox and Delaware Country are going to see a large influx. Licking County will need roughly 5,550 new “for sale” housing units and 3,150 rental units over the next 10 years.

Per fab, we are looking at roughly 1,500 new employees for Intel alone. However, consider the multiplier.

Initial Plant Impact (2 fabs)
3,000 x 13 new jobs = 39,000

Think about everything you come into contact with each day, and how we will need more of it. Anything from a Starbucks, to a grocery store to the dentist.

Rumor 1: Fracking
Fracking, the process of extracting natural gas and oil from underground rock formations, will not – and could not – be happening around this site.

The smallest movement of earth would completely disrupt and destroy the production at the facility.

Rumor 2: Timing
The two Fabs, the airport and possibility of a rail line are separate projects. They will not overlap in terms of operation, although they undoubtedly have impact on each other.

The timing of each project will be determined by its own schedule and timeline.

Something You Still Might Not Know 1: The Rail
The hype for the hyperloop is over. It’s dead. The 3-C+D is a statewide effort to move people on existing rail.

The 3-C+D gets its name from the major Ohio cities it would connect: Columbus-Cleveland-Cincinnati and Dayton. According to proposal maps, it would also include Springfield and Clark County.

If all goes as planned, and with state and federal support, Stephen Gardner, Amtrak’s President says launch for passenger service could begin within years.

This route would offer three daily round trips serving an estimated 4000,000 to 500,000 annually.

The hope is that this will connect between Chicago, Detroit, etc.

Something You Still Might Not Know 2: Population Growth
The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) released its new population growth estimate and the Central Ohio region is on track to reach nearly 3.15 million residents by 2050.

This means we are the fastest growing region in the State, and over the next two decades and beyond the Central Ohio region will see a growth of 726,000 people.

To learn more about this, please click here.