Concise and representative media content.


With the desire to develop a brand identity, and grow their client base, The Butchershop Fitness chose to partner with MA Productions.

The goal was simple – to create content that would differentiate their digital storefront from competitors and create a reputation for their growing brand.

Within the first year of working together, the reach of their brand grew from 3,000 to 250,000, positioning them for success during the opening of their second location.

The evolution of the content captured highlights the growth of the brand, focusing on The Butchershop’s developing focuses and featuring different highlights that serve their organizational growth.

With content designed to highlight the strength – both mentally and physically – that is grown from their shop, the content honors the brand’s clearly defined identity.

Incorporating The Butchershop’s recognizable lexicon inspires the shoots (ie. “serving up lean cuts’’ and “crispy” or “seasoned” to describe moves), creating content that clearly reflects the brand’s reputation.