Driving engagement and motivating new clients to visit the studios.


Voted one of the best gyms in cities in the US, System of Strength has had a reputation of being the ultimate fitness disruptor for over a decade now.

Known for intense workouts created to build strength and resilience, clients and the community know – the System works.

After increasing their efforts in the virtual world in 2020 during COVID in their unique “Digital Studio”, leadership at System of Strength wanted to put more effort into marketing around their physical locations – in Columbus, Ohio in Grandview and Clintonville, and in Cincinnati, Ohio.

On a monthly subscription with our productions team, the System of Strength team works with our creative brand strategy to curate monthly campaign concepts of videos to be activated on their social media platforms, designed to increase their reach, drive engagement and motivate new clients to visit the studios.

74% of consumers use between three and seven touchpoints when engaging with brands in 2022, so together with the System of Strength team we create a series of content that is curated to hit all three modes of persuasion – ethos (credibility), pathos (emotion), and logos (logic) – to drive the motivation to act for all personality types.

93% of companies have acquired new customer(s) via social media and our productions work with the System of Strength team is proving to grow their reach, drive web and social media traffic and increase engagement, building customer loyalty and continuing to develop their brand’s reputation and identity.