Conversion of a facility into a more sensitive use.


This project consists of the renovation and expansion of an existing pre-engineered warehouse building into a production facility for plastics used in food packaging. New spaces were designed to support manufacturing, warehouse, and office space needed for the company. It is the first one stop shop facility in the United States for plating, blown film, ink mixing, printing, laminating, pouching, slitting and distribution.

Advances in food packaging play a primary role in keeping the United States food supply among the safest in the world. Strict regulations govern the process so as to keep food products safe from outside influences and damage as well as to provide ingredient and nutritional information. Due to these sensitivities, Ohio Pack’s facility required areas with cleanroom-like environments incorporating a wide range of different manufacturing equipment. Air showers large enough for not only people but for forklifts and other equipment to pass through were required and utility service upgrades were done as well.