Expanding space to meet growing demand.


This new facility, just north of Cincinnati, houses the production of aluminum railing products with office and breakroom support areas. This building expands the existing campus and contains a new production line located on a 3.5 acre site just south of their original facility. Between the facility sites there is a creek that is bridged to create a single unified campus that is walkable and drivable. The bridge was designed in coordination with the design team and the Army Corps of Engineering.

This facility is primarily a pre-engineered metal panel building with on-grade entry and two exterior docks for tractor trailer deliveries. An extensive traffic study was performed to improve the flow of tractor trailer circulation on-site. Additionally, a mezzanine, foundry, and two on grade entries for forklift traffic.

Project Stats
Woodlawn, OH
$4 Million
32,400 SF
Project Services