The 4 Ways Our Homes Will Change in the Future

March 12, 2021
Sari Lehtinen Associate, Sr. Designer

In honor of Women’s History Month, today’s Friday Female Featured Architect is MA Cincinnati’s own, Sari Lehtinen.

Check out international designer expert Sari’s recently published article in MyDomaine, “The 4 Ways our Homes Will Change in the Future”.

“Science has proven the power of nature, and biophilic design, and the benefits of alleviating mental fatigue by relaxing and restoring the mind are more coveted than ever before.”

Born and raised in Finland, with a tenure of international design jobs, Sari’s universal designs are influenced by her global experience. Vivacious and energized, Sari’s creativity is met with experience and a strategic approach for implementation.

Her designs are defined through thoughtful intention; purposeful yet profound. She has a cultivated confidence in her craft which allows her to lead projects with a genuine sincerity. Her radiant personality is proven in her interpersonal communication, as her honesty and integrity shine through.

Sari’s passion for architecture is contagious, and her focus demonstrates her mission to push boundaries in design.

We are so honored to call Sari one of MA’s, so proud of the legacy she has created in the world of design, and so confident in the best that’s yet to come.