Rachel Livengood

Associate, Human Resources Manager

Rachel has made a career of putting people first, working everyday to support the MA Design team throughout all of life’s endeavors – personally and professionally – so they can stay focused on our clients’ and projects’ success. Working in Human Resources for over six years, Rachel is responsible for leading anything and everything from recruitment to succession planning, mentorship, internships, benefits and so much more. Rachel believes that great culture, and great people, starts at the hiring level, and takes her responsibilities seriously to discover the most incredible top-tier talent that embodies the MA DNA, growing the team 80% since taking over Human Resources in 2016. Her calm disposition and capable demeanor leaves everyone she works with confident that she’ll do what needs to be done, allowing everyone to feel fully supported as they navigate through their unique journeys. Rachel’s favorite part of the job is serving as stable support for people, helping to take care of the things no one wants to think about so they can stay focused on what really matters – their career fulfillment, health, and of course – happiness.