Jeff Heffner

Studio Lead - Mixed-Use / Commercial / Residential

For more than 30 years, Jeff Heffner has developed a portfolio of over a thousand projects, including international experience, all of which have one thing in common – great spaces that have a lasting impact on people’s lives. Even-keeled, and steady in his composure, Jeff remains rooted in being solution-oriented, able to work through challenges while consistently keeping his clients’ best interests at the forefront of all decisions. Open, honest, and direct, he is collaborative and considerate, and his senior leadership skills excel from experience with large, complex projects and programs. Jeff believes the integrity of a design will determine the life it facilitates in the future. He believes that architecture embodies art with realism and works to design buildings that elicit an emotional response, while focusing on functionality. Designing in response to programmatic and behavioral needs, he works to design buildings that enhance a concept to the next level, making an impact and lasting impression.

  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Ohio State University
Did you know?

Jeff likes to work on renovation projects and enjoys listening to music.