Breathing Easier: Addressing COVID with HVAC

December 8, 2020
Kurt Beres Principal, Studio Lead - Technical Services / Industrial

Kurt Beres, code expert and Director of Technical Services, knows how to safely clean indoor air.

Check out his feature in Chainstore Age Magazine, about needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI), that works to safely clean indoor air, and provides other benefits.

NPBI is installed in the air handler or ductwork of an HVAC system to generate ions that are distributed into the space, breaking down, and clumping, at the molecular level, viruses, pathogens, harmful gases, molds, odors, fungus and other VOCs.

“Since the ions are introduced into the air, the system has the potential to stop viruses long before they can make it back to the HVAC equipment”, Kurt shared, and since the creation of the concept, has implemented it in the built environment – successfully.

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