Your Company Needs a Chief Futurist Officer

March 31, 2022
MA Design

Chief Futurist Officer

This morning my fellow futurist, David Staley, shared with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce his thoughts on why the future is perpendicular and why every company needs a Chief Futurist Officer. As a futurist myself, I found his words to be provocative and exciting, and I couldn’t agree more – change isn’t something we can always see coming, sometimes, as David shared it hits a sharp right turn in motion. As we move towards life endemic, what we need right now is more clarity on what that change will mean within our industries and businesses. This is where futurism and foresight can help.

As amazing as it would be if I could predict the future for you, I can’t. What I can do though is perhaps even more amazing – I can help you protect and prepare for what comes next.

As David shared, we Futurists can’t bring certainty, but we certainly can bring clarity.

In my role as a consulting Futurist, I’ve been working with brands like White Castle and Habitat for Humanity on using data-driven insights and future-driven forecasts to create the innovative solutions to solve now for what is to come next for these organizations.

What most people don’t realize about thinking ahead is that your mind literally acts against you by thinking of your future as a stranger. This is why doing deep-thinking about the future can seem unattainable and actually cause anxiety for some companies. What I do with my futurism practice and consultancy is work with businesses in every sector to understand how to utilize the changes that are happening today to be more innovative and future-prepared.

Chief Futurist Officer

Studies actually show that more future-prepared businesses outperform their competitors. They are also more nimble and able to pivot when crisis arises, because they have put plans in place for those times of uncertainty.

So if you find yourself wondering about the future, dealing with a particular problem over and over again, or want to be ready for the next time of crisis, consider reaching out for a quick and free consultation. I love helping companies find futures they want to work toward that can help them thrive today.

What are the three things you should be aware of for the future of your company today?

  1. Cultural Adaptability: Create cultural adaptability to help combat the “Great Resignation.”
  2. The Talent Drought: In this time of workforce talent drought, start to move from owning talent to accessing talent.
  3. Creativity Capitalism: Don’t be rigid with your processes by bolstering creativity over productivity.

To continue the conversation, and schedule your business’ complimentary consultation, email me at In offering clarity I am confident to say the best is yet to come.