What You See is What You Get: How Experiential Design Sets Your Company Up For Success

March 12, 2020
Alicia Orlando Director - Experiential Design

Your ability to define your company’s brand defines your company’s success.

From the immediate opinion someone has of your space, to the things they talk about after leaving, and the lasting impression your organization made, Experiential Design controls the success of these moments.

Experiential Design articulates your organization’s identity, telling a multi-sensory story in a way that you want to be told, eliminating assumptions or poor interpretation – building a strong connection and positive opinion of your company.

We’re all driven by these opinions and impressions – they’re what makes us decide what companies we want to work for, spend our money at, talk about to others. Every touchpoint your consumer interacts with your brand is part of their Client Experience, and your space needs to reflect the message you tell them to demonstrate your authenticity and ability to be trusted.

By figurative definition, Experiential Design is the art of creating memorable moments by integrating your brand and culture in thoughtful, unexpected ways, connecting someone to your space and culture.

By literal definition, Experiential Design is things like:

Lakehurst Innovation Campus

Wayfinding Tools that guide occupants through your space, providing a method to entertain while informing and above all else, delivering an experience that will develop a memorable impression.

White Castle, Stair Code Sign

Code Required Signage that makes your space accessible, driving inclusivity and adhering to mandated requirements in creative, branded ways.

Burgess & Niple, Timeline

History Walls that immediately establish credibility for your organization, honoring your legacy and differentiating your company as trusted leaders in your industry.

Crawford Hoying, Key Wall

Dimensional Wall Graphics that elevate the interiors of your space, adding an element of art and interest, shaping people’s opinions and impressions of your organization.

White Castle

Multi-sensory and Digital Applications that integrate technology and transform a space, demonstrating your company’s approach to innovation and adaptation of future trends in the current market.

Our differentiator?
Our integration into a comprehensive design firm that demonstrates an agile business model, allowing our design team – Architects, Interior Designers, and Experiential Designers – to work in the way that best supports your company’s success.

To create memorable moments that reflect our client’s goals, our XD team works alongside our architects and interior designers to collaborate and define impact areas within a space. We consider the paths of various visitors and what our clients want people to remember. On projects that include XD, interior design and/or architecture, we consider opportunities within and around a space and architecturally make changes, big or small, to enhance someone’s overall experience of a brand and culture.

With Experiential Design, what you see is what you get. The value add of incorporating the design principle reaches far beyond your space, setting your company up for success, and creating an identity worthy of an impression in an oversaturated world.

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